Having trouble applying, forgot to put your SOAR code, or haven’t received your ID #?

I have heard many of your questions this past month while I have been visiting the high schools. Some asking what to do if you didn’t receive your ID # yet and you are needing to sign up for your SOAR test at your HS, and another question has been what to do if you forgot to mark the SOAR code on your application. The quick answer to both questions is to call our Admissions and Records Office at 714-895-8306. They will be able to look you up in our system to correct and/or give you the information that you need. Should they not have a student ID number for you yet (it takes processing time if you just applied) and you are needing to sign up for SOAR testing at your high school within the next day or two, we offer makeup SOAR testing on the GWC campus. Your Career Center at the high school you attend will be able to give you those dates.

Tips for those getting ready for the Assessment tests…PREPARE! Take a look at the sample questions and levels offered for math on our Assessment Center website at http://goldenwestcollege.edu/assessment/