The key to success is to become prepared, this is a must read for incoming students!

Currently in the State of California, Community College’s are a sought after resource for many reasons. High School students looking to begin their Bachelor’s degree at a fraction of the cost, community members brushing up on their skills for business, and workers looking to retrain to advance their careers or change careers. It is no surprise to those involved in our system that times are different now with the budget cuts. For all those looking to attend any community college you need to plan for your back up plan.

Life changes quite rapidly from our beginning plan at times, and this is no different when it comes to school. We would love to have things align perfectly, however what if things take a detour? Are you prepared to still move forward? Have you covered your bases? Think about it…the key to success is partly determination, but the main substance of success is built around preparation.

Today I am going to discuss with you this topic of preparation so that you can apply it to your goals,for your education and your life. One of my main reasons for choosing to address this topic is that I have been hearing a lot of mis-guided information about students not transferring, getting stuck, not getting classes, and not getting into programs. So, let’s talk about this. If you take a look at the history, students that come to the community colleges have many goals for education ranging anywhere from retraining to transferring. Now, with the “budget impaction” with the state this does mean that we have cut some courses and altered our schedules so that we can adhere to our funding. Rest assured that we are FULLY aware that the only reason we have classes, a college, a school system, and at the end of the day…a job, is because we are here to educate students. We do have students that are not getting their courses, some due to lack of flexibility in their weekly schedule, and most because they didn’t prepare and have now gone into a late registration.

So, how can you become prepared?
1) put your applications in online ASAP for the following semester. Keep in mind you only have to re-apply if you didn’t enroll in the prior semester. (HS SOAR students- sit for your test and mark GWC on the application for priority registration-local feeder HS only!)
2) Go to your scheduled orientation time! If you must re-schedule this, do it ASAP.
3) REGISTER on the date and time that is sent to you! (It will be sent to your mygwc account). Now let’s talk registration for a minute…you can go online at any point and take a look at the courses you are going to be enrolling in. It will tell you if there is still space in the class or if you need to possible have a back up course in mind. Word of advise…no matter where you are in the world, REGISTER ON TIME!!! Get to a computer and register. If you are late, it means classes are closing! Additionally, petition your ideal classes (meaning show up to the first class!).

You can also entertain the thought of backing yourself up by having applications in at other campuses. Hey, it’s free…and you only use your registration time if you need it! I tell this to high school seniors all the time, back yourself up with us even if you are “positive” you are being accepted to your four-year university of choice. The consequence of not doing this means you could be in late registration (meaning less class options).

So in remaining in today’s theme…BACK YOURSELF UP, BACK YOURSELF UP, BACK YOURSELF UP! You hold the keys to your success, so lets get moving!

Contact me with any questions you may have!