The GWC Design Program “Enchanted” their student showcase attendees on Friday, December 9th!

Our Design program instructor, Greg Wight, has partnered with a local physician who, for the last two (2) years has put on an extraordinary local Halloween event that attracts over 20,000 spectators and media attention. Our GWC Design program students help each year to build life-size props and displays of all sorts, turning the street into a movie-like set.

For last week’s Design show, held Friday, December 9th, our program obtained some of the props used in the Halloween event, embellishing them for display. In addition, the students took the time to build new and innovative displays, using animatronics, in order to turn the evening into an “Enchanting” experience, open to the public.


The Design program holds a student show each semester. Come check out the program. You could be part of the new wave of what the USA does best…Design.