Take Math Your Senior Year in High School!

We often hear that you don’t need math your senior year. However, by keeping up with your math skills, you have a better opportunity to place higher on the math assessment test. The old saying, “use it or loose it” is specifically applied to this subject. In many cases, the longer a student takes a break from math, the lower their test scores will be.  Each student will need to take a math placement test to determine their first successful course placement level. These testing scores will sit on your record for up to two (2) years. Entering college at the remedial level in math is one of the primary reasons a student takes longer (sometimes much longer) to graduate. A student’s major of choice will determine the required coursework for math. Most students can avoid this delay by taking math during their senior year.

Do you Accept EAP Results?
Golden West College will accept EAP results if students have been designated “college ready” on their STAR test. Students are then placed into the lowest level of transferrable English and Math courses. However, something to pay attention to is that their college major determines their requirements for math. If the major requires higher levels of math, such as Engineering, it is in the best interest for the student to take the assessment test and enter at the highest level possible.