Learn how to sell yourself…not literally of course!


In order to get the job you want now, the career you want later, the life you want, the income you desire, the soul mate you may be looking for, the connections to your future…you have to learn how to market your best asset…YOU!


When you look at what a resume’ is, an interview, a first date or your college applications are, the most common ground is that it is a reflection of you. These are ways to build and create buy-in from the person, company, or college of your choice.  There is never a better time than now to learn skills to help you create a blueprint for the ways to market you as a person and what you are capable of.


Some ways to learn and refine these skills are certainly offered here at GWC. The possibilities are endless. You have your interpersonal communication classes to learn how to interact with others effectively (and network), public speaking classes to help in times when you need to address a group of people (or put to rest any fears of interviews), Writing and English classes to refine your writing skills, foreign language courses to be an asset to your employer and the community, and the Career Center and workshops to help you build your resume’. These are just a few of the endless opportunities to advance your skills and deliver your message. Remember to ask those you work for, learn from, or do community service with for letters of recommendation. Start building a portfolio. In some cases businesses like to see your work, not just hear about it.


Have you ever spoken to someone after hearing him or her give an amazing and effective speech? Nine times out of ten, if you ask them how they got to be such a motivational speaker you may receive the response “I get so nervous and dread public speaking!” It is a refined skill, not just a passion. I can relate to this, as I speak in public situations all the time, and trust me when I say I did not race to the podium when I first learned this would be part of my career.


Most of the time in school or your career we all tend to look to the next task to complete for some other purpose. Start paying attention to what you are learning or creating and find a way to make it work toward your goals. Open your eyes to the things and people around you. Every moment you leave your house, desk or office is an opportunity to connect with new people…and you never know what role that person could play in your future.


To our upcoming generation…you are the leaders of our future. Use us to get there!