GWC’s 36th Annual Chican@/Latin@ Conference was a HUGE success!

Staying true to this year’s conference theme of “¡Adelante Estudiante!” – “Let Us Go Forward, Student!” our Coast Community College District staff and faculty provided our local high school students with another successful year for our Chican@/Latin@ event! On December 2, 2011, over 450 students from 14 high schools attended a day of inspiring speeches and informative workshops here on the Golden West College campus. The event’s theme was chosen to encourage students to continue forward, no matter what challenges they are facing.

I enjoy being able to put this in perspective again for those that are reading my blogs…that education is KEY in providing a future of success for our economy. I cannot stress enough to my student readers…empower yourself to take on the challenges of your future, find a career and educational path that you are inspired by, and take advantage of what GWC can offer you. YOU are the leaders of our future. WE need you to be ready!