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Haven’t received your student ID # or having trouble with your application?

The best place for you to get help at  GWC  is at the Rustler Answer Center in the Admissions and Records Office ( located in the Administration building on the South end of the campus off of the Edinger parking lot). The Answer Center has friendly staff to help you with registration, questions regarding your application, your student ID#, adding/dropping classes, class schedule, transcripts, K-12 Early Start Petition, etc.  They can help you with most of your questions.

Hours Monday – Friday, 9:00 am – 6:00 pm
Closed Weekends and Holidays

Phone: (714) 892-7711

SOAR Student Process for Fall 2013


1) Apply online as SOAR student: starting Feb 18th

 2) Take SOAR Assessment Test either in your career center or on GWC campus. For an appointment call:


 3) Complete Orientation

 4) Register for your classes on or after your registration date.

(Do not register late or you may miss out on getting into your ideal course!)


* It is your responsibility to check your mygwc email for your registration date, Financial Aid info, and anything related to your attendance.


SOAR online application instructions for students


We are giving the opportunity to High School seniors participating in the SOAR program to submit an Admissions application online.  The application filing period for Golden West College and/or Orange Coast College for Summer/Fall 2013 will open on Monday, February 18, 2013.    You must wait until this date before filling out an online application to the either college.  Concurrently enrolled High School students who may have previously applied to Golden West College or Orange Coast College for the spring 2013 semester must reapply as a first time student in college for Summer/Fall 2013.  Please follow the instructions below for the online application:


1.     Apply online at  On the GWC homepage, click on “Apply for Admission” which is located on the left hand side under “GWC Quick Links”

2.     After reading the information on the welcome page, scroll to the bottom and click on “Begin Application for Golden West College

Note: If you are planning on attending Orange Coast College instead of Golden West College, follow step 2 above but select OCC instead of GWC.

3.     New Users to the online application will need to create a new account.  Those students who may have previously applied online to the Coast Community College District (OCC, Coastline or GWC) will log on using their previously established account information.

4.     After logging in, select “Summer/Fall 2013” as the term you are applying for.

5.     On the Education screen, select “first time student in college

  1. On the online application, students must indicate their education level as “Received high school diploma from a U.S. school
  2. Students must also indicate their High School completion date is before the start of the fall semester.
  3. The last page of the online application is the “supplemental” information page.  On the supplemental page, it is very important that you answer the following question:

“As a High School senior, will you be participating in the Early Assessment program through your school?  If yes, enter the program code you received from your school in the box”


  1. Enter SOAR13 in the box for the question shown above


Online applications may take  up to 10 business days to process, at which point you will be emailed your Coast Community College District (CCCD) student ID number, a username and password to log in to your student portal.  You will be required to give your High School Counselor your CCCD student ID number when you sign up for SOAR testing so make sure you remember it or put it in a safe place for reference.


Some Internet Service Providers filter mail from the Coast Community College District so please check your trash/spam folder if you don’t receive an email response within 5 business days of submitting your application.  You can avoid this by adding and to your Friendly Approved Senders list.  This is especially important if you use providers such as AOL, Yahoo, Earthlink, MSN, Gmail, Hotmail, or Roadrunner and/or you use spam filters


Interested in attending a UC School? We can get you there…guaranteed!

If you have always wanted to attend a UC school, GWC can help you get there. Transferring from a California Community College has always had its perks for our students. Lower GPA requirements, less expensive tuition for the first two-years, and a second chance to get to your dream school, are all part of the benefits of starting your education with us.


UC schools have an additional benefit of starting at a community college. All UC’s offer Transfer Admission Guarantee (TAG) agreements through us! This means that if you have a UC in mind for transfer, you can set up a TAG agreement to guarantee your admission. It will be based on your school of choice, your major and your GPA.


See the Counseling Office for details.


Learn how to sell yourself…not literally of course!


In order to get the job you want now, the career you want later, the life you want, the income you desire, the soul mate you may be looking for, the connections to your future…you have to learn how to market your best asset…YOU!


When you look at what a resume’ is, an interview, a first date or your college applications are, the most common ground is that it is a reflection of you. These are ways to build and create buy-in from the person, company, or college of your choice.  There is never a better time than now to learn skills to help you create a blueprint for the ways to market you as a person and what you are capable of.


Some ways to learn and refine these skills are certainly offered here at GWC. The possibilities are endless. You have your interpersonal communication classes to learn how to interact with others effectively (and network), public speaking classes to help in times when you need to address a group of people (or put to rest any fears of interviews), Writing and English classes to refine your writing skills, foreign language courses to be an asset to your employer and the community, and the Career Center and workshops to help you build your resume’. These are just a few of the endless opportunities to advance your skills and deliver your message. Remember to ask those you work for, learn from, or do community service with for letters of recommendation. Start building a portfolio. In some cases businesses like to see your work, not just hear about it.


Have you ever spoken to someone after hearing him or her give an amazing and effective speech? Nine times out of ten, if you ask them how they got to be such a motivational speaker you may receive the response “I get so nervous and dread public speaking!” It is a refined skill, not just a passion. I can relate to this, as I speak in public situations all the time, and trust me when I say I did not race to the podium when I first learned this would be part of my career.


Most of the time in school or your career we all tend to look to the next task to complete for some other purpose. Start paying attention to what you are learning or creating and find a way to make it work toward your goals. Open your eyes to the things and people around you. Every moment you leave your house, desk or office is an opportunity to connect with new people…and you never know what role that person could play in your future.


To our upcoming generation…you are the leaders of our future. Use us to get there!


How to not get “stuck” at a Community College


I have been in my position here with the college for over four (4) years now, and without fail the most common question I get is “do students get stuck for years at GWC?” The answer is no, when you are speaking of the word “stuck.” In taking a look at this term, it assumes that something happened to the student that is out of their control. This “getting stuck” phrase is a complete mis-conception. Now, this being said, students can (in any college atmosphere) set themselves behind in their education, causing them to put in additional semesters and therefore spending more money.

Before I get into the various causes for student set-backs, let’s take a brief look at why students come to a community college to begin with. Being one of the 112 community colleges in the state of California, GWC is designed to offer students options for their education and/or career training at a fraction of the cost of a private vocational school and four year university.  We offer options for transfer, re-training, career certificates and Associate of Arts (A.A.) degrees-which are your two-year degrees. In identifying each student’s individual needs, we find that not all students’ original plan involves a transfer to a university.  Some students come to take exploratory classes, some re-train after losing a job or changing careers, and some follow the career certificate path in order to get the training necessary for careers in such fields as Nursing, Criminal Justice, Automotive, Cosmetology, etc. These are all careers that do not currently require an advanced degree.

Ok, now let’s talk how a student who is transfer bound can set themselves back.  First word of advice for High School Seniors…TAKE MATH YOUR SENIOR YEAR! If you are anything like me, when you don’t keep up your math skills, you lose them. This can set you back in the number of classes you will have to fulfill, and therefore semesters depending on where you place in math on your SOAR placement tests (Math/English placement) and what your major will require.

Next possibility is one that is most common, not knowing your major. Community Colleges are geared to help these students explore their major options at minimal cost. It is very common for students to be uncertain at the end of their senior year, and even for those who seem certain, the average major change per student even at the UC and Cal State level is 3 times. Students need to be careful when switching majors at the university level as it can change their admission to the college, the school they attend may not have the desired major of their choice, and it is expensive to add classes to your overall goal at the four year level. But in simple terms, adding classes= more time and more money no matter where you go to school.

One of the common set-backs I have currently heard about from students who have been part of our GWC family are those that have chosen one of our career certificate programs as their path, and decided not to take their math and English placement tests because it is not required. Well, they later decided to get their AA or to transfer, and now they hardly even remember the basics in math, and writing essays in a certain format has become foreign. When they did test for placement, they were placed in a remedial course (which doesn’t even count, it is a refresher). The way to avoid this is to take your placement tests in the spring time of your senior year (SOAR testing- stay tuned for the SOAR blog). These placement tests will sit on your records in our system for 2 years, giving you some time to decide what direction you are headed in your education. If you took the placement tests at another community college, or you want to attend another community college and you did your testing with GWC, keep in mind that we accept each other’s testing scores. Just take your test results to the assessment center at the school of your choice.

I certainly hope that this has helped clear up this topic. Please feel free to contact me at anytime with your questions and/or concerns. We can address any of these in a part 2 of this blog if they come up.


Best Regards,