GWC proudly supports STEAM with our new Biotechnology course. Get started while still in High School!

STEAM is a term used in education starting in Elementary School. What is it? It is the acronym used for the link between Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics. Golden West College’s Biotechnology course combines the use of these areas of discipline in an innovative, career focused way. Steve Lustig spearheads the course development and instruction at GWC, tying the world of graphics and design with the intrigues of science and technology.
“The goal of any good STEAM education should be to integrate creativity and the arts into project based interdisciplinary education to create well-rounded, fully engaged, imaginative students who are prepared for new, innovative, economic opportunities in a rapidly changing world. The foundation for this specific scenario is fundamental drawing and how that thread weaves its way through all aspects of modern digital technology in learning and creating for science.” – Steve Lustig, GWC Biotechnology Instructor
Steve has taken this GWC course offering to new heights by linking up with the surrounding K-12 schools and offering for the students to take part in his courses while still in high school.
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